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Why buy a kit from Starscape?

If you want to buy a fibre optic star kit it makes sense to buy from a firm which specialises in this area of fibre optic lighting. Although we’re involved in all sorts of fibre optic lighting, star ceilings are our core business and our DIY fibre optic star kits reflect our experience and expertise in this sector. Because we specialise in this aspect of fibre optics we’re confident that there’s nobody in the UK who can offer you a better service when it comes to DIY star ceiling kits.

Star ceiling kit

Service is a key part of what we offer – we don’t simply list a range of star kits and leave you to make a choice. More than half of what leaves our workshops has been customised to some extent or other – we’ll never try to persuade you to use an off-the-shelf kit if we feel that a bespoke star ceiling kit will give you a nicer result and better value for money.

Take a look at the Customer Projects pages on this website. We now have well over 100 such projects featured and each of these represents a customer who was so happy with our products and service that he or she took the trouble to come back to us with photos and feedback.

As for price, it is possible to find star kits advertised online at lower cost but as a general rule if something looks too good to be true it probably is. Not all optical fibre is equal – some grades are very poor, with inferior optical properties and very prone to snapping. Here at Starscape we’re constantly interacting with fibre manufacturers to source the best grades which are available.

Over the years, fibre quality has gradually increased and the best grades can be anything up to four or five times better than the really cheap stuff. So, don’t be tempted to buy a star ceiling kit which looks really cheap since it may be a very false economy.

Equally, we’re constantly monitoring light source technology to ensure that we can offer customers reliable units with good features, an 18-month warranty and good after sales support beyond the warranty period.

You’ll find that some of the online sellers of really cheap star kits can actually be quite hard to track down, without published telephone numbers or physical addresses. By contrast, we’re on Google Maps for everyone to see. So, if you want us, you know where we are! And, you know who we are – Starscape is a British limited company and the directors’ names are on the contact page of this website.

So, this is why you should buy from us – the other tabs on this page have details about the actual components and process of creating a star ceiling.


Click the photo on the right for our animation of how to install a DIY star kit.

Understanding your kit components.

Star kit components

A fibre optic star kit has just two main components. A light source, and a harness of optical fibres, usually at various lengths and diameters.

A fibre optic light source (sometimes called a light engine or projector) is essentially a box with a lamp of some sort in it – these days most commonly an LED (light emitting diode) or cluster of LEDs. The move in the past few years towards using LEDs in place of halogen bulbs or metal halide bulbs means that light sources use less power, generate less heat and require less maintenance. There’s no bulb to ever change and LEDs should last in excess of 40,000 hours – long enough to see a new baby through to university.

Inside most light sources there’s a motor or motors which turn effects wheels to modify the light before it enters the optical fibres. A twinkle wheel has a number of holes in the Aluminium disk that alternately interrupt and then allow the light to pass to the fibres.